Woodland Hills, CA 91367, US

Will Barratt • Director of Photography


Camera and Power


Sony FS7 II Super35mm 4k #1

Sony FS7 II Super35mm 4k #2

Sony A7 R III Full Frame 35mm 4k #1

Sony A7 R III Full Frame 35mm 4k #2

(2) GoPro 7 Black 4k w/mounts/batteries

(4) GoPro 4 Black 4k w/mounts/batteries

GoPro Fusion 360 Degree Camera for VR

Arri 16mm BL Package

(2) Arri 35mm IIC Packages (PL and B mount)


Red Power Pack (2 bay V-mount charger)

1X Anton Bauer Titan 4 Slot Charger

1X IDX 2 slot Charger


4X Anton Bauer  Pro Pac 14 Battery

3X Switronix SWXPL95RED V-Mount Battery Pack for RED

2X MaxOak 140Wh V-Mount Batteries

2X Anton Bauer Battery Plates w/4pin

Anton Bauer Battery Belt w/4pin Lemo


Blackmagic 4k Video Assist Monitor/Recorder #1

Blackmagic 4k Video Assist Monitor/Recorder #2

Blackmagic 5" HD HDMI/SDI Recorder

Panasonic BT-LH1710W 17" HD/SD Monitor

Monitor Hood Snap On Sunshade 

Decimator MD-HX video converter X2

Red Byte SDI to NTSC SD Composite Adapter

Red 12v accessory power cable 12”


Metabones for Canon EF to Sony X3

Rokinon 14mm T1.5 (geared cinevised)

Rokinon 24mm T1.5 (geared cinevised)

Rokinon 35mm T1.5 (geared cinevised)

Rokinon 50mm f1.5 (geared cinevised)

Rokinon 85mm T1.5 (geared cinevised)

Canon 100mm T2.8 Macro (geared)

Rokinon 135mm T1.5 (geared cinevised)

Canon L-16-35mm f2.8 Zoom (geared cinevised)

Canon L- 24-70mm f2.8 Zoom (geared cinevised)

Canon L-70mm-200mm f2.8 Zoom #1

Canon L-70mm-200mm f2.8 Zoom #2

Sony 24-240mm Zoom

Zeiss E Mount 24-70mm Zoom #1

Zeiss E Mount 24-70mm Zoom #2


Chrosziel CLWAH-F4.8 4X5.5 filter tray

Red Rock Micro F Focus w/15mm Studio Offset

Cinegears Wireless Follow focus w/ 1 servo


DJI Ronin-Mx 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer $125/day

MOZA 3-Axis Ronin Gimbal w/remote $125/day

Ikan EC1 Beholder 3-Axis Gimbal and 5-Section Monopod Extension Kit $125/day

Element Technica Mantis Hand-Held. $200/day

Cartoni D606 Delta Carbon Fiber Tripod System $125 /day

Induro DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set $25/day

Glide Cam (Steadicam) X10 double spring arm and sled $150 /day


Cinevate 36" Slider w/75mm ball mount or 2x Baby spud mount, Manfrotto 3066 head $85 / day

Trovato 36” Cam Jib arm w/ 0 gravity head, or Servo joystick head, and hardware for High-def and Standard broadcast Cameras.  $65 /day

Dana Dolly system w/ 5’ and 8’ track, accepts 100mm ball head.  Mounts on apple boxes, the floor, or on baby stands.  $85 /day

Remote Pro 12v Pan/Tilt head, with joystick control. $65 /day


It is understood that any piece of equipment lost or damaged will be replaced or repaired by production within a period  of one (1) week after return has been checked in, and loss or damage has been reported.



(2) Kinoflo 4ft 4bank, w/ballast, header cable, eggcrate

Kinoflo Parabeam 400 w/eggcrate

Kinoflo Parabeam 200 w/eggcrate​

2000w ARRI Fresnel, w/yoke jr. mount

(2) 1000w Colortran open face cyc lights

Arri 1000w open face broad

(2) Hyperlite LED (1.2k HMI Equivalent) w/Pancake & Chimera

Hyperlite 100w Flood LED (575 HMI Equivalent) 

Chimera Vid Pro soft box (ring for 650 open face)

(3) Arri 650 fresnel w/scrims, barn doors, Chimera Ring

(2) Arrilite 650 open face

(2) Arri 300 fresnel w/scrims

(2) Lowell 250w Pro Lights

(2) Arri 150 fresnel w/scrims, barn doors

Source Four Ellipsoidal 575w 50 degree lens

1000w (equivalent) LED cyc Light - Sodium Vapor Color

18" LED Ring Light w/Sony Batts

1000 watt China Balls w/baby stud mounts

(2) CFL soft bag lights w/Mogul base 200w

200 Watt CFL (600 Watt Equivalent) Mogul Base

2 Aputure Amaran H198C  LED Lights

3 Neewer 1x1 LED Lights

4 25’ Extension Cords

3 100ft Extension Cords

2 10ft Extension Cord

3 3 Way Cube Tap

2 Standard Light Bulb Fixture to Edison Adapter

3 Ground Lifts

Plus lots of gels, diffusion, party colors, daylight and tungsten correction.


9 baby kit stands

6 40” C-Stands

1 20” C-Stand Coleman

1 Jr. Roller Triple Riser

2 Wescott flex-fill arms

2 4X4 bounce cards w/silver side

2 Savage butterfly frames 5-In-1 Port-A-Scrims (55 x 79")

     • Silver, Black, Lemay, Silk (x2)

12'x12' Frame w/ 12'x12' Digi-Green Screen

3 18X24 flags

1 24X36 flag

1 24X36 Cucoloris

3 36” flex fill

1 24” Wescott reversible gold/white flex fill

100’ X12’ Green screen paper backdrop (expendable)

40’ X9’ White paper backdrop (expendable)

1 20’ X 10’ Blue Screen Cloth

5 Baby Spuds 3 long, 2 short, 2 barrel connectors

5 Scissor Mounts Baby

3 Baby Plates

1 Mayfer Clamp

1 Double Mayfer Clamp

3 Cartillini Clamps

8 Grip Heads

1 Double Grip Head

2 Monitor Mounts w/Grip Head

15 #2 Grip Clips

8 Sandbags